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Tony Triker
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The Story of the Trolley

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the year 2000 was VERY special to me as it was the year I got my Trike it all started by chance, You see I was taking my Bike test when I decided to get a new bike so I picked up a loot and had a browse, Whilst looking a Ad JUMPED out at me " 250 Superdream Chop for Sale 200 quid" Fuck I thought this is too good to be true. So I quickly called and was told that the bike was in the garden and I could go and have a look.

 Well I jumped on my little Honda cm 125 (which I had customised) and put my helmet on. .1 thought "should I take the Wings off. .Na. .they shall have to take me for who I am" and away I went.

 Well when I got there, there was bikes outside and I thought "well this has got be the place" and then this guy came out and took one look at me and larfed. He introduced him self as John and we started talking when I mentioned that I had a coffin tank but I am saving for a Trike. John’s eyes lit up and told me to follow him.

 Well I went through his house and met his wife Peggy who said to John "Now your not gonna show off are you" "Na Tony here just told me he is waiting to get a Trike" replied John. In the garden I was faced with this garage and as I entered I heard Angels sing and I thought I had died and gone to Heaven, There in front of me were two Harley’s a couple of chops but most impressively Two Trikes a small white and chrome one and the Beast,.. .It was called the Red Baron, after putting my eyes back in there sockets John showed me the Chop but by now all I could think of was the Trikes..I wanted one..I needed one...I HAD TO HAVE ONE.

 I went home and told my Wife I wanted one.. .once I apologised to her for demanding for one I explained to her that I have always wanted one and how much use we would get out of it. Well I saved and went to John gave him the cash and waited. I have to admit I felt guilty as I must have called him nearly every day of the week to see how it was going and in just over a month he finished it. I went around with my camera and filmed it and John took me home on the back.theorigtrolly.jpg (66210 bytes)

 Thing is I had a mate who was gonna show me how to ride it as I have never been near a car and this Trike was a VW I had to learn the Car gears, Took me a while and with out any help from anyone I began trying to ride it... .well I wheelied it a lot but I eventually got the hang of it. Oh and John Sorry for being an asshole by keeping on at you while you were out in all weathers building my Trike but it’s the best thing that’s happened in my life Oh and marrying Michelle....

 Footnote: I wrote this story a couple of years ago and since then I am proud to say that John & Peggy are two of my closest friends, Infact I feel they are more family than friends and I just like to say they are the nicest, kindest couple on this shitty little planet.

 Me and Michelle Love ya!. To find out more about the man behind the Trikes check out his site on the links page

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"Tony You are a Fat Basterd!!!"