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Tony Triker
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Pictures of the TrolleywpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

Story of the AccidentwpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

Picture of the damage TrollywpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

Story of the Gothic SpiritwpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

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Your Bikes & TrikeswpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

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Pictures of the Departed Trolley

mvc-013s.jpg (43399 bytes) mvc-001s.jpg (43562 bytes) mvc-003s.jpg (42568 bytes) mvc-004s.jpg (44693 bytes)
"My poor baby" "Engine knocked of the axle Exhaust..gone" Front bars bent from a fat flying biker Mangled
mvc-006s.jpg (46638 bytes) mvc-005s.jpg (27831 bytes) mvc-010s.jpg (44562 bytes) mvc-009s.jpg (35547 bytes)
"Sob!" Dented tanks done by my balls,,,,Ouch!! "Oh look there's a crack" Yep bars cracked
mvc-007s.jpg (46249 bytes) mvc-011s.jpg (37550 bytes) mvc-012s.jpg (37090 bytes) mvc-015s.jpg (46643 bytes)
Impact Point Speedo still worked No this aint a leak it was caused by the accident "Not so fucking Lucky"
mvc-002s.jpg (39242 bytes) mvc-008s.jpg (73672 bytes) mvc-014s.jpg (65630 bytes) mvc-016s.jpg (62780 bytes)
Busted Wheel Front end knocked out "Poor thing" back seats..Ripped off..

Road Tips:

 During my time on the tarmac I have discovered many different arseholes and sayings here are the most common:

 1, "Sorry I didn't see you!" (even though you looked at them eye to eye)

 2, "You just come out of no where!" ( a long clear road with no one about for miles)

 3, "I thought YOU was gonna stop!" (this one is when its pissing down?)    

 So when I’m on two wheels I wear wings and bones on the skid let them say they can't see me