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Tony Triker
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Gallery Of the Trolley

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A Harley Air filter cost a fiver down at Surry harley Me looking for trouble      
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nice chrome fan belt   an old iron cross (cheers john) "Oh well better fuck off" Mad Max
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"GGggrooowwwlll" "Up yours" Hhhhmmm nice tank Great gear nob My Baby

Mobile Phones

I once went for a ride one weekend to the coast and the misses told me to take the Mobile Phone with me.   well I got to lydd in Kent and I thought "hey this is a clear long road I think I'll open her up a bit". As I enjoyed the feel of the cool sun in my face and the wind on my head I suddenly heard..Crash,Smash and to my horror my Mobile was in bits all the way down the road. Well I pulled up and walked half a mile picked up the phone bits in a  sad attempt to save it. As I walked back a fellow Triker had pulled over to see if my misses was OK and if he could help. Well I thanked him and he told me "no problem and away he rode.

Just as I thought things couldn't get worse my engine started to clank and chug and Phoot..."FUCK" I thought that's all I bloody need  Trike cutting out and I was going really SLOW, Suddenly  up a head there was a petrol station I pulled in . I had no clue what was wrong, Then that same Triker pulled in and sew me standing there looking disheveled. "What's wrong mate" he asked. Well I told him that I had spoke to my mate John who told me that it sounds like the plugs are going and I was in the middle of nowhere and had no Idea where the nearest garage is. The unknown triker

just smiled and told me to follow him as there was a small garage near Lid Airport that may be able to help me. So I followed him and there was and they did help me. So I just like to thank that unnamed man and if your reading this I own ya one.


Cheers mate