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Tony Triker
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This is a quick description to the eager Biker spotter.

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Bikerweek.jpg (45269 bytes) Weekenders:

Now these placid animals are often riding around in groups they are very docile creatures and enjoy others of there own kind. The Weekenders are sometimes mistaken for Bikers the similarity are close i.e. they wear leather, ride in groups, but you will find that a Weekender owns a Harley/Gold wing Cruse type of bikes that are all Chrome and Shine and is only taken out on the week end & Bank holidays.
A weekender's bike are normally Shop bought & they are people on good money to afford   them. They like to attract there own kind by placing as much Chrome on there bike insuring some sort of status in the group.

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The most common on the road these creatures are among thousands of bikers on the road who are making the rare True bikers extinct. You will find them in City's/ Town,s/    Motorway's and pubs normally wearing colourful plumage that match their very fast & expensive bike (infact sometimes they end up looking like a part of the bike).
Quite a lot of Motorcyclists believe them self's to be Bikers witch is not the case and are most likely end up selling the bike for a car as soon as they have kids.
How ever motorcyclists are not to mistaken for the common Boy-Racers

(See Boy-Racers section).

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Boy Racers:

A common mistake with these creatures is that some think they are the Motorcyclist's it is easy the think this as they do look similar in shape & colour. However the difference in them  is that a Motorcyclists are normally Safe animals and are likely to keep at a safe controlled speed. Boy Racers seem to think they are on a constant race, Every road in there eyes is a  Race rack and can cause harm on themselves and others. If you do see one of them  socialising with a female you will notice them exaggerate on how fast they can go and the great they are. When they have been caught by the predator's of the road (police) the boy  racers normally reduced to tears and say it was a one off and they would never ride like it  normally.

Click to see under the plastic


Hair Dryers:

The funniest animals on the road these cute little pop pop's buzz around hoping to beat the other motor vehicles on the roads and they normally do in built up areas, Normally owned by old mod's or Kids wishing to get a bigger bike when they are older they are pretty harmless  and should not be taken seriously if a scootorist threatens you. (I say they are the Jack Russell's of the Bike world) However there is a darker side of them, For example they  sometimes are used for taking food to other motorists homes and they can end up being  a danger to everyone around whizzing on pathments, Sidewalks, Alleyways ect.
The Hair Dryer also are the most stolen of the bikes as they are easy to ride and fun to                  destroy.

Note*some hairdryer owners evolve into a Boy Racer*

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Very Rare animals and its quite a privilege if you ever spot one now there are 2 types of  bikers some prefer a family and will ride in groups showing the colours of the pack they are  in. If you see a pack of bikers tread carefully they are friendly provided you give the respect and space. If you provoke them in any way it can be fatal for you. The other type ride alone or with a few close companions these ones are normally loners or have been in a pack but choose to leave. Again they can be friendly provided you show respect. Sadly due to the  change of times these creatures will soon be extinct.


Now Trikers are the related to Bikers some of them are bikers but have been maimed by the dangers on the road and wanting to keep with the calling of the road they make a trike. How ever there are some that are biker an enjoy the attention that a Trike brings. These creatures are very sociable and eccentric and can fit in virtually any where. (warning though some  are weekenders and its not easy to tell).

Footnote* There is another 2 wheel road user witch when I was doing my research it popped up a few times it is called the push Biker a fragile insignificant insect that if not spotted can be crushed these things are a lot like lemmings because they seem to have a death wish (they skip lights and throw abuse at passing herds of traffic)