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Tony Triker
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Watch out Old Bills About

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I need to have a shit when I get in” I told my wife, “why didn’t you go while you were at johns?” she replied, “co’s its gonna be a spray and pray” I resorted. So I started up the Trike and away we rode after having a lovely Chinese meal.
Riding along I came to some lights I was sitting there thinking that summer is just around the corner and it’s a nice night for a ride But has I have to be up in the morning for work I better had just go home.


Well I took the turning on to the A20 at five ways and noticed a police car that had stopped across the left hand lane that I was going into, Well I noticed some kids near a car at the petrol garage and thought to myself “Kids Huh!”. So I manoeuvred around the first police car and as soon as I passed it I moved back in to the left lane…BIG MISTAKE…there in front of me reversing towards me at about 30mph was another police car “FU……!!!!” was the last thing I remember thinking I turned to avoid the car then “BANG”……


Next thing everything was in slow motion, noise, movement I found it hard to focus then it all caught up with me. I was on the road sirens going around me the smell of petrol filling the air, then I sew Michelle my wife lifeless about 30 foot down the road in a pool of blood. “MICHELLE” I screamed I tried to get up but a pain hit me and I feel to the ground “MICHELLE” I cried again this time I began to crawl to her, “ STAY STILL” I heard a voice shout out of the noise of sirens and police radios.


I didn’t I wanted to see my wife that’s all that mattered I crawled over to her she wasn’t moving “No please No” I cried. A policeman ran over to her and began shaking her to try and wake her up luckily a policewoman took over and told him to leave, “I can’t handle this” was his reply and called in for the ambulance. Meanwhile the police woman turned Michelle over and kept shouting at her to wake up, it was the most horrific thing to see. My wife’s face was split down the middle

and blood everywhere,.. "come on Michelle wake up" the policewoman shouted, "Oh god she's dead please no NO",.


Then everything went quiet yes there was still noise going on but for me everything was quiet as Michelle's eyes rolled forward and she tried to move. "stay still Michelle you'll be fine" and she did.

Next thing Ambulance men & Firemen where there some one told me to use them as a leaning post but the pain was to much. Michelle was taken into the ambulance and I was taken in to another ambulance, Whilst I was being carried on a stretcher a copper ask me this “Would you like to go to the same hospital as you wife?” now I was not rude tell the truth I weren’t in that frame of mind I just replied "Err..Yeah?" and away I went, Now whilst I was in the Ambulance being rushed to hospital I wounded if that copper is the sort that would say "Excuse me Sir is this your Car?"..Amazing anyway got to the hospital and taken to A&E when I Realised that there was something warm in my boxers "Oh god I'm bleeding".


I thought but the closer I got to a cubical the stronger the smell…Yeah I should had listen to my wife and went round johns,. Well the nurse came to see me to and took my trousers down, “Phew I Stink,. I am so sorry” I told the nurse. “Don’t worry we have had worse” She replied, then she pulled down my pants and I Screamed…not because of the pain but because my Dick had vanished all I could see was a huge football between my legs. “OH MY GOD MY DICK I’VE LOST MY DICK” the nurse quickly rummaged around this THING between my legs and produced my Dick “Here it is don’t worry”…She gave me a once over and told me to wait to see the doctor and gave me a bowl of soapy water to clean myself with. Once that was done I put my torn and shitty clothes in a bag, I had to make a phone call I had no clothes no money and no idea what’s happening to my wife.

First I tried to call my wife’s mum….no answer I then call my mate John thankfully he answered now it was about 12:30am and I told john I needed help, within 10 min’s he and Peggy was there with clean cloths and john gave me 20 quid. I will be for ever in his dept. then traffic police turned up he asked me could I do a breathalyser test. Now image this I have had my balls wrapped around my tank and they where HUGE I could hardly walk and he wanted me to blow in to this thing?.

Well I had trouble and he told me not to panic as he knows I have not been drinking as he could not smell it on me, “Yeah but I aint panicking I just had the wind knocked out of me”,. “sorry sir but this IS procedure” So on the forth or fifth attempt I manage to blow the light went green and he was satisfied with the out come. I then gave my statement and shook his hand.
Whilst this was going on two Big Coppers were hanging around where I was, now I did ask why they where stationed outside my cubical and I was told “well it was to make sure you were o.k.”. Yeah Sure it was nothing to do with me being a biker and to tell you the truth who do I blame??

Yeah the copper driving but at that time I was more concerned about Michelle nothing else & besides even if I wanted to fight I couldn’t I had an the balls the size of a football and a bruise blacker than the night sky.

Well Michelle had suffered the following
Broken Nose, Fractured Skull, Broken Jaw 2 Places arches left & right, 3 Teeth Missing, A Laceration down the middle of her face, Broken Cheek bones, Broken Pelvis 3 Places, Fractured Hip, Crushed hand, Chunk’s missing from leg


One more thing I nearly forgot to mention when Michelle had her coat cut off it was slung on the back on the Trike. The Trike was then taken back to the pound. Yep in her coat pockets was her mobile phone, Credit Cards, Cheque Book, and yes they were stolen and the police never investigated it. What a nightmare I had no money no nothing.



“Well at least you can claim?” I hear you gasp. Na if it was left to the police to deal with maybe but after the accident and the statements taken the police solicitors then took over. Now get this they admitted liability to my wife but not to me, Apparently they are saying its my fault I should had seen him reversing. Hhhmmm don’t get me wrong not everyone sticks to the Highway code book but I do know that you do not reverse on a main road let alone an A route.


Now the stress and strain comes into it, I was going to the local nut house to get my sleepless nights and flash backs sorted (Flash backs I never thought of them to be true all those Rambo films made it hard for me to believe in them). Now whilst I was being told by the psychiatrist that I am not to blame myself  and that he was in the wrong meanwhile I am getting letters from them stating I did this and he was not reversing.


Basically they started lying. My god I don’t want this and I came close at telling them to stuff there claim if this is the treatment they put on people wanting justice. I got to a very low point in my life and thought everyone was against me. I wrote to the 100% biker’s Form and told them what was happening to me, They where great and it helped me more that they realised especially with Ewoks comment of Nil Carborundum Desrperandum, Illigitimus (Don't let the B*stards grind you down)..


Well with that type of encouragement from mates & 100% I thought “Hell no I am right” after all I stuck to the truth from the start and they have not. Well as time passed the worse the police lawyers got all they could do was deny everything. Then one day I got a letter from the magistrates court telling me I was required to be a witness for the accident. Yep the CPS had decided on who was at fault and was prosecuting the inspector who had reversed into us. “Wots the point” I thought “A police inspector twenty or so years on the force he’s gonna get off with it.”.


Not only that I didn’t want this all I wanted was them to admit liability and pay up, But no the longer they keep it going the more money the police solicitors get and the more stress and grief it causes me and my wife. I came to the conclusion that was why they were doing this to us to make us give up and try every dirty trick in the book to make us just go away.


So the day came and off to court we went. Apparently the inspector was being prosecuted for Dangerous driving. Well I got there with the wife and me mum and dad came along. I was taken to a room it stated “Witness Room one”.

“Ok so this is it this is where we find out who was responsible” I was called in well I walk into court and it was a bloody nerve racking experience. I was asked “What religion are you?” probably out of nerves I replied C of E, “Oh Church of England” “No Church of Elvis” was my reply. No one found that funny “Tough crowd” I thought to myself.

Anyway I swore on the bible and then the questions began, wot a nightmare “Did you”, “Why did you”, Have you and so on so forth well I had seen Iron side on TV so I just answered with Yes & No answers. As soon as I was told I could go I was out of the door and grabbed my dad for a smoke. Meanwhile I watched 6 coppers go in there to give witness. My Dad told me he was gonna see wot they had to say.

He came out after about 30 minuets and looked at me and said " Son there stitching you up if I had to sit in there any longer I was gonna throw up". Apparently they weren’t witness to the accident they were caricature witnesses and my dad was saying that they were say stuff like “Oh I have known him for twenty odd years a great bloke and an excellent driver

Great well I knew he was gonna be found not guilty I was prepared for it. Well the judge listened to everything but he was not satisfied with what was put to him so he wanted to read all the statements and look at the police report.

Well whilst he was gone I was in the waiting room still and I heard he's defendant come out and giggle and larf with the old bill, I even over heard her say " Oh you'll be fine the judge will see that your a upstanding police officer..." "Shit wots the point of going to court then?" me thinks " He can be the best copper in the world but he still broke the law" Well the judge came back and said "I have read the statements that were made and seen the police reports and I can now say I found the defendant................Guilty" the coppers solicitor shot up and with a shocked face went "But the caricature witness and it was a split second Des..." the judge took of his glasses and look at her and Retorted " No I appreciate that he is a good man But it was not a Split second accident he Was Speeding in the Sterile Zone with no blue lights his driving standards slipped and caused 2 members of the public to be  hospitalised..."

He only got 6 points an a 375 pounds fine.  What a relief I could not believe it. I called my lawyer and told her what had been said and she told me that the Claim case should be a doddall although the police solicitors are STILL   fighting it. To tell you the truth I don’t care in the eyes of the law he was at wrong and that’s all that I wanted.

Now Michelle & me are parents to a beautiful little girl called Harley Jessica and she is gonna be the most spoilt little tyke around You see 4 weeks before this accident we lost our first child So Harley is a Blessing.

The Trike I still ride her thanks to John (Red Baron & Steve ( normally people who have an accident like this in a car would buy a new one, I can afford to do that so my mates got together and I had to go into my savings and I got a new looking improved Trike.

She was called the Trolley and on that fateful day she died. I had her completely changed and now she is called the gothic spirit as you will see in the pictures she has changed I think for the better (the paint work was done at Tombstone Graphics).


The Moral of this story?,  Listen to your mum and make sure you have clean underpants..Mind you that would not had helped me none. .

Oh and Just remember no matter what life throws at you stick with it has low as it can go it can only go up afterwards so Take heart you can win sometimes.