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Tony Triker
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                            The Death of the Trolley
                                                                                    By Tony Moore

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Well once the Accident had happened and it was a few weeks later it came to the time to collect the Trolley from the police pound, My mate John aka Red Baron took me to collect it. He told me “Be ready for them to find every thing wrong with it” “Great” I thought. So we arrived at the pound and I was greeted by the Traffic inspector who show me to the trolley, Now this was the first time in a police pound and it was the saddest thing to see Cars & Bikes crushed and broken all over the place it was like a grave yard, each vehicle with a story and a tail to tell.
I was taken to a garage and inside was my baby The Trolley sitting there tattered & torn I could not believe it handle bars bent tank dented seats fucked blown tire I knew it was dead, Yeah John told me he can get it going But the soul had gone from her and no matter what I would do to her she would never be the same Trolley again. Whilst we were waiting the Inspector was very helpful offering me a cup of tea and batteries for my camera. Then the Specialists turned up and this was the moment of truth.
Well they spent a good hour going over it with a fine tooth comb, they even shoved a camera up the brake line to see if they were working ok, But surprisingly they found nothing contractual wrong with it then they checked the lights now I knew that were ok, but the horn never worked properly and when . Then they told me about the new laws that are coming in and this was when I got a bit miffed. Here are those laws.
Front Lights: 2 head light so that other road users know that you are a Three wheel vehicle.
(wot person in a car would know that??? A lot of people don’t even know what a Trike is.)
Number Plate: Front Number Plate (now I think this has been chucked out but I aint sure but I shall not have one put on has it is dangerous)
Front Brake: I didn’t have one but you have to by Law…..make’s me think that the people who make these laws have NEVER rode a Trike. Anyone who ride will know that as soon as you pull in that hand brake and your back end will go spinning out of control. It didn't matter as my Trike still broke well within the legal limits..HAHAHA!!
I then asked “yeah but would any of this contribute to the crash”..”” was the reply. OK now that was done there was now the problem of getting the Trike back to me mates. Now John just told me “Leave it to me”. Next thing the Traffic cop come’s up to me and tells me that due to the “NATURE” of the accident they will pay for it to be towed back to johns..Blimey that’s a first. Well the we got her home John managed to get her going after a couple of days and I rode her home. As soon as I got home I looked at the Trolley and realised she had passed on….”That’s it” I thought “She’ll never be the same”
Then it hit me I have here a potential new Trike with a bit of imagination and help I can turn this around let the spending begin.
New Seats, New Exhausts, extra foot plating, new front end, Handmade Bars, Air Brushed new tank. Low and be hold a new Trike.. I Had to get to Work…
Well the months flew passed and the Trike now looks great but I needed a name? It now looks gothicy but I still need a name. John came to the rescue again. I have a name book for trikes I had put tighter for any ones that I build and I think there may be one just for yours tone!”
Sure enough there was the name “Gothic Spirit” and so the Spirit was Born.
 Foot note I’d like to thank the following people.. John & Peggy – Steve & Lesley