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Tony Triker
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Your Bikes & TrikeswpeC.jpg (1432 bytes)

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The Family Tree

biker.jpg (47441 bytes)

"Biker"  riding hogs,enjoyed rum, fighting,Mean & Hard, always ready to defend his honour,Never fuck with erm.

rocker.jpg (39182 bytes)

"Rocker" Biker from the 50's getting the look.

cowboy.jpg (54272 bytes)

"Cowboy" Little did he know that his type will be riding hogs instead of horses

pirate.jpg (57019 bytes)

"Pirate" enjoyed rum, fighting, killing...

gladiator.jpg (62833 bytes)

"The Gladiator" Mean & Hard

knight.jpg (75269 bytes)

"Knight"  always ready to defend his honour

viking.jpg (69161 bytes)

"Viking" Never fuck with erm.