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Tony Triker
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Heres A Couple to get ya tastes buds ready for when I get the Proper Photos Done!


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My Dad Thinking to himself "Blimey and I was a MOD?" Me on the Spirit Grrrrrrrrr....
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Side View OF the Gothic Spirit "Aint she Luverly" Me but I think I have a pieced nose?
gothback.jpg (106822 bytes) gothback2.jpg (108110 bytes) goodeven.jpg (44766 bytes)
Had to be Realy quick before the priest came out and sew the back "Come on for Fuck sake Mike" "Good Morning Guv'nor only tuppence daaiinnn the frog 'n' toad"
gothic lights.jpg (91735 bytes) gothic skull.jpg (67094 bytes) coopart.jpg (90266 bytes)
" Barons Bars" Handle Bars custom made by Red Baron Skull Gear Stick Luverly got it from VW spares Coop Art done by yours truly on sunday afternoon and since I have a Mixed reaction....

More Pictures to follow Soon